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Civil War & G.A.R. Museum

Ashley_060702_9400-for-web Photo courtesy of Rick Ashley


The G.A.R.(Grand Army of the Republic) was a post-Civil War veteran’s organization founded to provide support for soldiers and their families. The Marblehead Post #82 Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Meeting Room is the important historic feature of the second floor of  the Old Town House. It is an artifact in itself, existing exactly as it did when it was last used by the Marblehead G.A.R. 

The importance of this organization, which was the first to lobby for and receive benefits for veterans, is evident in the preservation of this time capsule of the Civil War era and its impact on the lives of solidiers and their loved ones. Letters evoke the hardships of war for those on the battlefield and at home. Uniforms, weapons, and images are on display in the outer room. Click here for more information about the exhibit. 

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