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Bette Hunt Remembers the Lee Mansion

Bette Hunt is the Marblehead Town Historian, and served for twelve years as Executive Secretary of the Marblehead Historical Society. Her book, The Marblehead Historical Society, 1898 – 1998 was published in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Marblehead Historical Society. In this video, produced by Joan Goloboy.  Bette recounts the history of the Historical Society’s stewardship of the Lee Mansion.

Special Thanks to:
Bette Hunt, Marblehead Town Historian
Pam Peterson, Director of the Marblehead Museum
Judy Anderson, Curator of the Lee Mansion
Karen Mac Innis, Collections Curator, Marblehead Museum
Cinny Rockett, Marblehead Museum Facilities Staff
 Additional photos supplied by: Jean Gosling, Linda Gosling Murray, Marcia Hunkins, Bruce Greenwald