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“Marblehead Ship Captains and the Ships They Sailed” Exhibit


The exhibit celebrates Marblehead’s maritime traditions, salutes her sea captains, and displays portraits and models of the beautiful vessels they sailed. Contemporary sailors, as well as those who like to watch from the shore will be fascinated by grand eighteenth and nineteenth century images from the age of sail. The exhibit will also display documents and cargoes from the many ports that Marblehead ships and captains from visited.



Related programming also continued the Marblehead 101 theme. Of particular maritime interest are lectures:

  • “Avery’s Fall: The Doomed Mission of Marblehead’s First Pastor”, by Rhod Sharp
  •  “Marblehead Sea Captains”, by Don Doliber
  •  “Mediterranean Ships Passports” with Standley Goodwin


November 2011 through January, 2012