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Past Exhibits

Exhibit Wall #4

 “Fishing & Shoemaking in Marblehead”- Marblehead 101: part six – This exhibit presents the two major industries that grew up in tandem to build the economy of Marblehead.  Two disasters in the nineteenth century, a major gale and two large fires, contributed to the demise of both the fishing fleet in Marblehead harbor and the 70+ shoe factories downtown. 

Lantern in Exhibit

“The Abolitionist Movement and the Underground Rail Road in Marblehead“- This exhibit, mounted at the Abbot Public Library, featured images and information about the Abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad in Marblehead. Through photographs and objects from the Museum’s collection,  Marblehead’s past history in fighting slavery, prejudice and discrimination was presented.

Civil-War-Canteen-small“Marblehead and the Civil War” – Marblehead 101 Part Five-  The exhibit’s main themes examine various aspects of the American Civil War, including Abolitionism, Marblehead’s response to the start of the Civil War, the effects of the War on the battlefront and at home, the end of the war and the establishment of the Grand Army of the Republic for Civil War veterans.

“Marblehead and the War of 1812” – Marblehead 101: Part Four The War of 1812 was not popular in Marblehead.  Merchant ships and fishing sloops were hindered from going about their business, and ships and men were under constant threat of being seized by the British. The town still struggled with the poverty that was a result of the American Revolution thirty years before. But Marblehead has always been a patriotic town, and so the men went to war.

WOMEN-SHAWLS-sm“After the Revolution: Marblehead in the Federal Period”- Marblehead 101: Part Three Life in Marblehead as the 18th century ended and the 19th century began was distinctly different from the colonial and revolutionary periods. The United States was new, full of excitement and pride at its success, and earnest in its striving for high ideals.

Hamilton-Salem“Marblehead Sea Captains and The Ships They Sailed”- Marblehead 101: Part Two This exhibit celebrates Marblehead’s maritime traditions, salutes her sea captains, and displays portraits and models of the beautiful vessels they sailed.

Marblehead101_logo-color“Marblehead 101”- Marblehead 101: Part One  is a comprehensive project that celebrates Marblehead’s central role in both local and national history.   “We will follow three main themes –  ‘The Growth of the Town’, ‘Marblehead and the Sea’ and ‘Marblehead at War’,” explains Museum Director, Pam Peterson.  “Through exhibits, lectures and events, we are reaching out to Marbleheaders of all ages.”

LobsterGingerbread Festival 2010. See this year’s fabulous entries! (See links below for photo galleries from previous years.)

FishermenMarblehead in Black & White: Recollections 2010. An exhibit of early photographs documenting daily life in 19th century Marblehead – when bicycles ruled the byways and life by the seaside seemed a little less complicated.  The exhibit is sure to evoke nostalgia for some visitors, and daydreams for others.

Masonic-Bowl_1The Masons in Colonial Marblehead. The Marblehead Lodge, originally known as St. John’s Lodge was chartered in 1760, and is the 3rd oldest Masonic Lodge in the Massachusetts.  The organization’s name was changed to Philanthropic Lodge in 1797 when Paul Revere was the Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts.  Since the 18th-century, the Masons have assembled at various locations throughout Marblehead.

Hannah_TuttSaving the Lee Mansion. This exhibit celebrates the Centennial of the Marblehead Historical Society’s purchase of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion. Many of the Lee Mansion’s rare and exceptional features can still be seen because the Marblehead Historical Society’s ongoing committment. Learn about the people who made it their mission to preserve this magnificent colonial Georgian home. Includes Bette Hunt Remembers and an Animated History of the Lee Mansion .

Gingerbread2009Gingerbread Festival 2009. Each December, the Museum partners with the Marblehead Family Fund, to host the Gingerbread Festival at the Jeremiah Lee Mansion. Since 2007, the event has grown by leaps and bounds. The entries – by both children and adults, businesses and schools — showcase extraordinary creativity in design and materials.

ShowMeASign_PastShow Me A Sign. Included in the exhibit are signs from local businesses spanning the past 100 years.  Through those years, Marblehead has seen a thriving mix of shops, meeting the needs of residents and tourists, by supplying both simple and sophisticated goods and services.    Tour the exhibit . (requires FlashPlayer )

DecoysMarblehead Decoys. It’s a craft turned art form.  In Marblehead, decoy of waterfowl are known from the mid 19th century. The decoys on display represent both known and unknown carvers. Three of the best known and recognized carvers are 19th-century artisans Captain S.A. Fabens, William Harris and 20th-century craftsman, Captain Gerald Smith.

RR-BAKERY-03_lgGingerbread Festival 2008. Once again, the Museum partnered with the Marblehead Family Fund for this family-friendly event. The Lee Mansion was transformed into a “gingerbread wonderland”, with this year’s record 61 entries in 5 categories. See all the entries – and the winners – in the web gallery. (requires FlashPlayer )

ISelmer_Larsen_LeeMMarblehead Watercolors. Ingrid Selmer-Larsen, (1913-2005) was an accomplished decorative artist, and the youngest founding member of the Marblehead Arts Association. Selmer-Larsen rarely exhibited her paintings during her lifetime. On loan from her family, these watercolors have never been shown before.View a slideshow

PIRATES_8-treasurePirates & Privateers of Marblehead. Marblehead was vulnerable to pirates from its earliest settlement, and pirates often plundered the town. Legends and tales of pirates, and their evil deeds are part of the history and charm of Marblehead. Seafaring patriotic privateers are also part of Marblehead’s lore. They fought and captured ships, men and treasure to help the revolutionary war cause. Privateers were like pirates in many ways, except they had letters of marque, which gave them permission to steal. The exhibit will explore the similarities and differences between pirates and privateers.

LawrencesThe Art of Coupling. View three centuries of Marblehead couples through images, ceramics, paintings and silhouettes. Learn the stories of Marblehead’s husbands and wives. Compare clothing, portraiture and styles through the centuries — from the 1700s to the mid-20th century.

Gingerbread_Lee_MansionGingerbread Festival 2007. Throughout Christmas Walk weekend, the first floor of the Lee Mansion was decked out with unique displays of Gingerbread Houses, available for bid via a “penny raffle”. This event was a benefit for the Marblehead Family Fund and the Museum. Tour the houses in the web photo gallery. (requiresFlashPlayer )

Model_YachtCelebrating 75 Years of the Marblehead (M50/800) Class Model Yachts. Organized by the Marblehead Model Yacht Club (MMYC), the exhibit features models, artifacts, posters and pictures documenting the history of the M-Class model yacht.  Tour (requires FlashPlayer )

Wallpaper_Lee_Mansion2Off the Wall: Wallpapers from the Lee Mansion. The Lee Mansion’s magnificent scenic wallpapers are famous as the only hand-painted 18th-century English mural papers still in place, and one of only two sets surviving in the world.

Marblehead_Summer_Whites_smMarblehead Summer Whites. Summer is a state of mind, as well as a season. The exhibit presented paintings, clothing, furniture and decorative arts that are icons of summer. Tour (requires FlashPlayer )

Double_SetteeTreasures from the Marblehead Museum Collection. This magnificent exhibit featured a choice selection of 18th and 19th century items – many from Boston’s North Shore. Tour (requires FlashPlayer )

Burgess_Biplane_HarborBurgess of Marblehead: People, Places and Planes. The exhibit explored the pioneering aviation work of Starling Burgess, whose Marblehead airplane factory produced some of the most innovative airplanes and sea-planes of the early 20th-century. Video Clip (requires FlashPlayer )

Mhd_Pottery_Vase_DucksMarblehead Pottery: A Centennial Celebration. The exhibition featured more than 100 pieces of the hand-crafted pottery, which are among the most prized examples of the Arts and Crafts design movement in America in the early 1900s. Browse the Marblehead PotteryWeb Galleries (requires FlashPlayerTraditional – Undecorated, Tiles, Custom & Experimental, Decorated, Pitchers, Catalog Pages

ValentineFrom Marblehead with Love.  An exhibit of Valentines featuring cards, jewelry and other romantic-themed decorative objects, spanning two centuries — from the late 19th century to today.

Other Exhibits (2001/2002) Past exhibits from the Marblehead Historical Society, including “Magic & Memories: Childhood in Marblehead”, “Through the Artist’s Eye: Views of Marblehead from the Carlson Collection”, “Dory Fishing in Old Marblehead”, and “Wish You Were Here: Marblehead Souvenirs & Postcards”.

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